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Grand Cash PrizesEditEdit

The grand cash prizes were different depending on the series:

  • Daytime Versions (1976-1985, 1988-1992) - $5,000
  • Syndicated Versions (1977-1985, 1988-1992, 1999-2001) - $10,000
  • Current Version (2001-2009, 2010-present) - $20,000
  • CBS Gameshow Marathon Version (2006) - $100,000 for the player's charity (main game win), $50,000 for a home viewer (Fast Money win)
  • NBC Celebrity Version (2008) - $50,000 for a win, $25,000 for a loss (both for charity)


Here are the max values in terms of Bullseye/Bankroll money:

  • Combs Version (1992-1994)1st Half - $10,000, 2nd Half/Syndicated (1992-1994) - $20,000
  • Dawson Version (1994-1995)1st Half - $7,000, 2nd Half - $14,000
  • O'Hurley Version (2009-2010): $30,000

[1]In Fast Money, Peter Marshall & Leslie Uggams win $10,000 for charity.[2]Peter celebrates his big victory![3]The Heavenly Hosts celebrate their big win with the Magnificent M.C.s.Add a photo to this gallery==Returning ChampionsEdit==

On the ABC run, families retired from the show after winning over $25,000, a limit which had been lifted during the final season to $30,000. On the syndicated series from 1977-1985 and from 1999-2002, two new families competed on each show. From 1988-1992 and from 2002 onward, winning families could return for up to five days. From 1992-1995, families simply continued until defeated. (Similar to Jeopardy!'s rule on continous winning until defeated introduced in September 2003). Starting in September 2009, families who won 5 days in a row won a brand new car (Chrysler 300C from 2009-2010, Ford Taurus from 2010-2012, Ford Edge from 2012-2013, Ford Fusion from 2013-). The color of the Ford Taurus from 2010-2011 was blue and the color of the Ford Taurus from 2011-2012 was in red.