Matt Anderson using an EMD against Mutated Future Predators in Episode 5.6.

EMD's (shortened from Electro Muscular Disruption Weapon) are a type of neutralizing weapons used by the ARC team after Matt Anderson introduces them to the team. These weapons are from the future as they don't require ammunition.

In an Unknown Episode, James Lester fires three bursts from an EMD.

Episode 5.1Edit

The team use them to shoot at the Giant Burrowing Insect, where it is useless, as the rounds bounce off the creature. Matt then calls in conventional weapons, or, more commonly known as guns.

Episode 5.2Edit

EMDs are only mentioned in this episode, but not seen.

Episode 5.3Edit

As Matt Anderson whips the raptor, it leaps to him, but Emily Merchant finds his EMD just in time and stuns it. Later in the episode, Becker shoots a raptor several times as it attacks and kills Henry Merchant.

Episode 5.4Edit

Episode 5.5Edit

In the trailer, an Anurognathus is seen being shot by an EMD, and a Kaprosuchus is seen being shot several times by Abby before stopping directly in front of her car.

Episode 5.6Edit

Matt Anderson uses the EMD to fight of a pack of Future Predators. Abby and Connor also use the small versions on the predators.