Future Beetles have been confirmed to appear in Episode 5.4. They were initially known as "Swarm" before the creators released images of the creatures and identified it.

Episode 5.4Edit

One beetle comes thru the anomaly and the soldier on duty throws it back through, but instead of peace, the beetle returned, except with thousands others. They crawl on the soldier and kill him. Jess then notices that their are less beetles, and its because the beetles are chewing through reinforced concrete, making their way out of Connor's lab and into the air ducts. Then, several beetles attack Abby, and she smashes one, but another crawls one her and bites her. She then throws it and Matt EMDs it, along with the other three on the ground. Then, the queen arrives. They then spray the beetles with pestisides (or water) later on and Jess gets bitten by one, and she has a severe allergic reaction. Becker disobeys a direct order from Abby and Matt, and kills the queen. While looking for adrenaline Jess, Becker, Abby and Emily see that the beetles are chewing through the wiring. Once they get to the medical bay, the beetles are seen eating up all the adrenaline. Abby and Becker EMD them. Once down in the car park, Jess is spooked by a beetle and EMDs it. Then, a whole wall of beetles climb over a wall into the car park. Just Before Connor creates the gamma ray, him and Matt see the beetles coming from all sides. They put the energy into reverse from the anomaly and they go out of Connors Lab. Matt uses a hose to hose off all the beetles while Connor uses a full sized EMD. Once everybody is in the panic room, the gamma ray goes off and kills all the beetles.


  • Connor refers to these beetles as "Prehistoric Beetles" although he probably said that because he was in a hurry.