An image of Jess Parker on Day 15 of the countdown.

Jessica "Jess" Parker controls the ADD, and is 19.

Episode 5.1Edit

She gets the team done to deal with burrowing creatures after she got a message from Lester stating he experienced shaking and witnessed a worker being killed. When Connor was dragged underground, she let the info go to Lester. At the end of the episode, she says to Connor that April is waiting for him.

Episode 5.2Edit

She stays at the ARC with Becker and she and Lester distract the Admiral of a sub trapped in the past long enough so that the ARC team can get the sub back.

Episode 5.3Edit

She gives up controls to Abby who disables the elevator camera.

Episode 5.4Edit

When a huge swarm of Future Beetles come thru an anomaly created by Philip and Connor, Jess is bitten by one of the beetles, it is revealed she has a severe allergic reaction to the bite of the beetle.

Episode 5.5Edit

Episode 5.6Edit


  • Jess Parker is the youngest member of the ARC, at 19, she still is an old teenager!