Tyrannosaurus Rex is the most famous dinosaur of all time, in history, ever, period.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Scientific Name

Tyrannosaurus Rex


Episode 5.5

Deaths Caused



Series 5

Episode 5.5Edit

On a beautiful London day, an anomaly opens during the convergence and lets thru a T-Rex, who eats a person the second it is first shown on screen. It causes a lot of chaos, and the ARC's secret is revealed to the world. Matt, Emily, Becker and Abby are sent to deal with the threat. They arrive and Matt finds a dead body, and another dead body with a young girl next to it. He grabs her, but she runs back to her friends body, and the T-Rex chases her. As it chases her, Matt drives right infront of the T-Rex and trips it. The girl runs to him and the T-Rex gets back up. The girl hides in the car and the T-Rex bumps, when Matt surprises it, pointing the gun directly in front of the T-Rex and shoots it repedetely until the T-Rex is finally stunned and knocked out.